The Western Logo

The Western Washington University logo is the simplest and most recognizable representation of our identity.

In order to build a strong and cohesive brand, it's important that the logo be used consistently across media.

Western’s logo consists of three parts:

  1. The graphic element, which is the stylized representation of Mount Baker and the waves of Bellingham Bay.
  2. The wordmark, which is the name of the university.
  3. The institutional tagline, "MAKE WAVES." This is our rallying cry, meant to inspire students, alumni, donors, and faculty to make their mark on the world.

The University Marks are registered trademarks and cannot be altered in any way. This includes separating out and using any graphic elements of the logo on their own or in combination with other graphic elements.

Logo Use

All materials from the University should bear the logo and comply with the standards outlined in the Brand and Communication Guide.

Please review the following guidelines carefully before adding the logo to your project. After you have read through these guidelines, you can download the logo for use in print or on the web.

General Guidelines

The "stacked" Western logo, with the MAKE WAVES. lockup, is the institutional logo, and should receive primary consideration when making branding decisions. Place the logo on the front page or first screen of all official print and electronic communication materials.

If you have any questions about logo usage, including when and where you should use the Western logo, reach out to Creative Services.

Size and Space Requirements

Minimum size for the Western logo is 1.25 inches, or 90 pixels, wide.

Space Requirements

The clear space around the Western logo ensures the integrity and impact of the mark. This clear space should be equal to half the height of the capital “W” in Western.


Western Washington University Logo with notation surrounding spacing requirements - 1/2 x-height of the "W" in "Western"


No other graphic element should touch, overlap or be combined with the Western logo.

These rules also apply to sub-brand identity marks for colleges, departments, and institutes and centers.

Use Outside of the University

University Marketing must provide written consent for non-University logo use. All external entities must obtain this consent, including those in partnership with on-campus units.


The logo is not required for communication that is strictly internal. This includes communication between faculty, staff and students. For example, email about classes, memoranda, draft paper, and meeting notes do not need the logo. University Marketing must approve any other exceptions for logo use.


There are two variants for the Western logo–one for full color and one for greyscale.

Full Color

white logo text on dark blue background


white logo text on black background

The Stacked Logo and the WWU Logo

There are situations where the Western logo will need to appear smaller than 1.25 inches or 90 pixels (i.e. specific digital uses like social branding spaces, lapel pins, small promotional items, etc.) due to readability. In these use-cases, the "stacked" and WWU variations of the logo are options. Grayscale options are also available upon request. If you’re not sure if it’s appropriate to use one of these variations, please connect with University Marketing.


Western's Stacked Logo
WWU Logo
Stacked Logo - Reversed
WWU Logo - Reversed

The WWU Watermark

The horizontal, WWU watermark version of the logo is for specific space-restricted applications, such as pens and lanyards, where the wordmark of the other logo options is too small to read.

Use of the horizontal logo is by approval only, through University Marketing.


WWU Watermark
WWU Watermark - Reversed

Social Media

Western's main accounts are to use the WWU logo on the blue background. Other units who choose to maintain their own social media platforms are to use the WWU logo with a white background, as to differentiate sub-accounts from main accounts.

For more information and guidance on using social media on behalf of Western, read the social media guide.

Logo for Main Accounts

WWU logo for social media, main channels

Logo for Sub Accounts

WWU logo for social media, sub channels

Logo Usage Don'ts

Please observe the following "don'ts" when applying the brand to your marketing or communications.

Western logo with bright green background

Don't change the logo colors.

Distorted logo

Don't distort the logo.

Western logo with a drop shadow and bevel

Don't add drop shadows, bevels, or other effects.

Western logo with the Make Waves. tagline on top and the mountain/text on bottom

Don't change the positioning or size relationship of the logo.

Western logo with a thick blue line separating the mountains and text

Don't change the stroke width of the line rule.

Western logo tilted

Don't change the orientation of the logo.


To maintain the integrity of our brand, use only these sub-brands in your university communications.

The following brand identity constructions are for outward-facing offices and units only. No individual program, college, or department logos should be created or used.

Identity marks must be developed and approved by University Marketing prior to use.

Campus Units

Western's offices and units, such as colleges and departments, have been authorized to use a unique identity mark construction (see below example using a fictitious department) to enable them to use Western's logo in their own brand identity.


Western Washington University Identity Mark for an Example Campus Unit - Includes components for the Name of Department and the Western Logo

Department Identity Marks Available

Reach out to University Marketing - we have built identity marks for all colleges and departments, and can provide new identity marks in a variety of formats.

Institutes and Centers

Western's institutes and centers have been authorized to use a unique identity mark construction (see below example using a fictitious institute) to enable them to use a version of Western's logo in their own brand identity.


Western Washington University Identity Mark for an Example Institute - Includes Components for an Illustrative Mark, the Name of the Institute/Center, and the Western "Stacked" Logo

In this example, the blue dot to the left of the institute title is a placeholder for an illustrative mark that helps define the identity of the institute or center. See examples below.

Salish Sea Institute Brand Identity mark
Morse Leadership Institute Brand Identity Mark

Size and Space Requirements for Sub-Branding

Identity marks for individual units can vary in width, so the guiding dimension for minimal size is the height of the mark. Minimum size for identity marks is 1.125 inches, or 80 pixels, high.

Other University Marks

The Western logo is often used with other official and affiliated university marks. All marks are trademarked and enforced through the State Office of Trademark Licensing. See Athletics and Associated  Students for examples.