Tips, Tricks and Workarounds

Issues in Drupal

Drupal is often considered the best choice for complex, content heavy websites with high traffic. Over half a million websites are currently built on Drupal, including corporations (Tesla, Nokia) sports teams (Dallas Cowboys, Patriots), entertainment (NBC, Fox, Turner) and higher ed institutions (Oxford, Stanford and Oregon State University). That being said, nothing is perfect.

Below are issues that content editors will occasionally run into along with some useful tips, tricks and workarounds.

Extend the Content Editing Pane

By default, the area where you edit blocks is very narrow. It can be made bigger, but only by hovering over a specific area: The top of the frame, next to the pencil icon.

highlight showing where to extend content pane

Moving Large Blocks

If you are having a hard time dragging and dropping large blocks, uncheck the "Show content preview" option at the top of the page. This will make the blocks much smaller, and much easier to manage. When you are ready to see the content again, you can recheck this option.

"Show Content Preview" option checked

Creating Space on a Page

If you need to create some breathing room on your page between blocks, try using the Whitespace block. This allows you to easily add configurable amounts of space without causing accessibility problems or layout issues for mobile users.

screenshot highlighting how white space can be added to a page

Working in Source Code

While the Text Editor (CKEditor) strength lies in WYSIWYG editing, the underlying format of the editor content is usually HTML. Editing in HTML is also possible by clicking Source on the text editing toolbar.

However, one issue we've found is that if you are working in Source, you MUST toggle back to viewing text on the front end before you click SAVE, to save your work. Sadly, if you neglect to toggle to the front end after working in Source, the edits you've made will not stick.

User interface showing where the Source code icon is located