Brand Use Examples

A magazine spread with headline "Our noise policy: make a lot of it"

Western's brand is steeped in academic excellence, refreshingly original, forward thinking, versatile and collaborative. Western's brand assets provide a host of ways to encourage your audience to make waves. These are just a few examples of how the brand can be used to make your program or initiative stand apart.

Out of Home

Western’s ‘Make Waves’ Out of Home ads are similar to the print, but without the body copy. The headlines and images will grab the attention of passersby and encourage them to go online and learn more.
Western ad featuring goast being airlifted by helicopter with text "Find What Floats Your Goat"
"Find What Floats Your Goat" ad on a pillar in an airport

Print Examples

Print ad stating "We Throw Pool Parties for Salmon" with closeup of salmon faces
Three black and white student portraits with text "Stories of Change, the President's Report 2019"
Flyer for Human Services BA Application, featuring hands holidng puzzle pieces in a circle

Social Media/Digital Examples

Student canoeing with text "Start your next adventure at Wetern."
Ad with blue confetti and text "Free money for college? Seriously! Are you eligible for the WA college grant? Let Western Help."
A freeway bridge over a river in the pacific northwest and text "Earn your degree with Western. Programs available in Everett. Apply today."
American flag with text "Veteran Services Community Check-Ins"
Person placing mask over face with text "The World Can't Wait. Apply Now."

Design Conductor Examples

A striped and spiny lion fish next to text, "Marine and Coastal Science Major Program. Apply now at"
Woman holding a shield up to special effects lighting with text "Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. Apply now to start Fall 2021"

These templates and more are available in Design Conductor for you to create yourself. To get an account, email